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Bikaner, Rajasthan

Much part of Bikaner City is in Thar desert.  
The city derives its name from Bhatti Rajput Rao Jodha's fourteenth son Bika. This dynasty ruled Bikaner for three hundred years. In the 19th century a friendship treaty was signed between Bikaner's King and the British as a result of which in the 1857 war of independence, the British were provided shelter in Bikaner.
One of Bikaner's attraction is the Dhala Maru or Camel Festival which is held every year in the month of January. Camels from many countries take part in the festival.
The principal attraction of Bikaner is the Junagarh Fort. Raj Singh built this majestic fort in 1587-93, which is very much similar to Jaipur Fort. The fort is built of red and pink sandstone. There are as many as 37 palaces inside the fort built at various times by a variety of rulers like Gurjars, Pratiharas, Rajputs, Chauhans, Bhalli, Rathore to name just a few.
The Junagarh Fort is surrounded by high walls and there is a 30 feet deep trench around the fort. There are two entrances to the fort, which is 986m in length. There are 37 domes built inside the fort. By all accounts, the Junagarh Fort used to be an invincible fort.


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