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Taj Mahal Agra same day tour

Taj Mahal Tour 
Early morning pick-up Hotel or Airport. 4 hrs Drive to Agra. On Root visit Sikandara (Akber Tomb) After that we go Agra Fort then take Lunch at local indian good Restaurent. Later evening Sunset on Memory of Love Taj Mahal.With Good Memories Back to Delhi for your Onward Journey.   
Note :- Taj mahal closed on every Friday.        


  1. Hi Gulab,

    This looks like a schedule we did on Feb 7 and 8th, 2013 with a few disparities. :)

    As promised I'd like to provide you a recommendation, so here is my short story.

    I used to be in Pune, India for a business trip. At the end of my visit I had two spare days free of duties. Decision made - Taj Mahal journey. As you, dear reader, could imagine I had no time for planning, so tour promised to be adventurous.

    Colleagues helped me to order airway tickets Pune - Delhi - Pune. So at 09:40 I've arrived to New Delphi airport and spent of more hour to reach central railway station. Few more minute to reach Government Travel Agency, short discussion with a consultant and finally around midday I met... Who? Yes! Gulab.

    I had to admit that Gulab exceeds my expectation in English, so from time to time we had contestations and I was listening some stories and legends. Later I've attached my tablet to audio and tried to relax.

    Taj is closed on Friday and open for visitors till sunset, but tickets could be purchased before 5pm. Another Gulab's strength is an excellent driver skill. Roads in India are heavily overloaded, but he did manage to drive fast avoiding any obstacles. We've reached destination just few minutes before 5pm.

    Later that day we reached the hotel and had a short discussion about the plan for next day. I did manage to scratch a list of places to visit. Gulab advised on which are the best and helped me to work out a sequence to optimize time and visit as much as possible.

    Next day I faced unpleasant situation because run out of cash in front of pay desk. Gulab kindly borrowed me required amount of rupees. Later we found ATM and I our voyage continued.

    'Agra Fort', 'Baby Taj', 'Mehtab bagh', 'Sikandra' all these places will remain in my memory for a long time. 'Aram Bagh' and 'Fatehpur Sikri' missed that time due to lack of the time. Reverse flight was at 19:55, so we agreed to go back Delhi and having a spare minute visit something at the capital of India. I've been advised by Gulab with 'Humayun tomb' in Delhi and I should say this place worth to visit.

    Ahead was final way to the airport. I was nervous much greater than before last minute to enter Taj Mahal. Delhi traffic jam! 5 lines of cars on a 3 or 4 way road. And here is another Gulab's quality honest and trustworthy. Driving the car and being calm he safely said me that there is a chance we may miss the flight. I was not able to cancel tickets, so 20 minutes before departure, options I was thinking about: take a bike or start running estimated route 4km. No worries! We arrived to the airport during next 12 minutes.

    Gulab I met is a devoted travel guide, knows his job very well. He's a great driver, speaks good both English and native languages, he's honest, trustworthy and client oriented.

    Gulab, feel free to repost this feedback or let me know if you need me to post it for you somewhere else at

    P.S. As I see your blog looks good and has no more strange error messages - well done. :)

    With best regards,
    Sergii Zhulzhyk

    Country: Ukraine
    City: Kyiv

  2. We made a beautiful trip in India with Gulab. It's a Great friend, driver, guide and showed us the beautiful Rajasthan. Excellent decision and choice! Let's go back and see you again Gulab!